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We have all heard the same story about Bahrain: It is a small island with hardly anything to do!

Well…taking a closer look at what is available; we personally think that even a year is not enough to discover half of it.

We have therefore created this website to propose good deals to our valued users and make them aware of the great places to go.


This is a country with so many diverse and delicious restaurants from all over the world and for all budgets. You will have an endless selection of amazing food to take your taste buds on a world tour.

Another speciality of Bahrain is the brunches where you have a wide variety of choices and beverages (which are usually included). Sometimes, if you are lucky (or maybe unlucky), you have a live band playing for the whole brunch

TOGETHER will offer you great deals on restaurants but also on brunches at discounted prices. Check out our categories weekly deals or restaurants to know more.

  Activities and Sports

Here again, there is an endless amount of things to do: amusement parks for children, golf, karting, sailing, jet skiing, diving, kite surfing, boat trips, water parks, bowling, salsa and dance classes, language classes, horse riding and so much more.

TOGETHER will find out all the latest activities and sports and negotiate a deal for you. Check out our categories weekly deals or activities & leisures to know more.

  Health and Beauty

For those of you who love to be pampered, you will love Bahrain for its beauty services: the service is wonderful and the prices are reasonable.  We will propose deals on spas, massages, haircuts, hair coloring, hair removal, Brazilian hair straightening, manicures, pedicures, facials, and much more.

Regarding health services, it is a totally different story…the services are excellent, but unfortunately the prices are outrageously high!  However, we will negotiate the best deals on teeth whitening, nutrition and weight management, acupuncture, botox injections, plastic surgery, and so forth.

Check out our categories weekly deals or health & beauty to know more.

  Travels and Events

For those who are fed-up with Bahrain or just need a quick getaway at a great price, we also plan to propose to you good deals on trips: we will regularly propose trips in the region (Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Oman, Jordan, etc…) but also to Europe: Romantic trips to Paris, Italy, Spain, UK (OK, UK should not be part of romantic trips…:-)

Also, for the clubbers and for all the special major events within Bahrain, we will propose discounted pre-sales tickets (World famous DJs, Singers, leisure events, etc…).

Check out our categories weekly deals or travels & events to know more.


Shopping here is not as good as in Dubai. However, there is good quality stuff to buy in many of Bahrain’s malls. Most of the International Brands are found here in Bahrain and we have some good deals coming-up for you…

Check out our categories weekly deals or shopping to know more.


We hope you will enjoy Bahrain as much as our team does.  To know the good deals that we propose, register for free and we will send you our weekly newsletter to keep you updated.

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