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PRELUDE; Psychology is the study of behaviour and mind, embracing all aspects of human experience. It is an academic discipline and an applied science which seeks to understand individuals and groups by establishing general principles and researching specific cases.

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LEARNING OBJECTIVE: The Certificate course on Principles of Psychology helps you learn why psychology is a dynamic and ever-changing discipline and examine the practical applications of psychological research. Learn the why’s and how’s of research methods and evaluate the conclusions drawn from them. The course covers a wide range of topics; including the function of neurons, the development of phobias and the concept of stress, in historical context.

SUITABLE FOR: Parent, teachers, students, homemakers, managers, supervisors, support staff of psychologists and others. This is a very simplified yet detailed course for every age group.

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CERTIFICATE: Certificate of Completion

SOUND:Voice Over & Occasional Music

PROGRAM APPROX. Length: Six Months



  • Study the application of psychology to you in your life.
  • Study psychology and its biological foundations including the complex nervous systems and physical effects on the human body and particularly the electrical activities of the brain.
  • How stimuli in the environment affect sensation and perception.
  • Study and learn more about emotion and the powerful influence it has on human behaviour.
  • The concept of consciousness, hypnotism, daydreaming, the internal clock and concept of time and how drugs alter consciousness and psychological changes.
  • How does learning occur? Classical, Pavlovian, Operant conditioning and behaviour modification. How reinforcement and environment affects behaviour and learning.
  • Understanding how we remember and how we forget. Sensory, short and long term memory. Procedural, semantic, episodic and repressed memory and methods to improve memory.
  • Study the important concepts related to cognition (thinking), language, and intelligence.
  • How an individual's behaviour can change our bodily responses such as the effects of stress, fear, addiction can have on the immune system including some coverage on HIV and weight disorder.
  • Study the normal psychological changes that occur throughout the different stages of pregnancy and childhood.
  • Understanding psychological changes that we experience and take place as we age and grow older.
  • Explore the ways in which males and females are similar and different, and how gender roles reflect social values and psychological knowledge.
  • Learn more about personality, how it develops, how it influences our behaviour and the major theories of personality development.
  • Understand how Psychological disorders create a maladaptive pattern of thoughts, feelings, and behaviours that lead to detriments in relationships and other life areas.
  • How treatment of psychological disorders has been influenced by historical, cultural and social forces.
  • Understanding individual behaviour in a social context.



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