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Every week, we propose new amazing deals to buy at unbeatable prices.
We have a strict selection policy in the deals we propose and we only work with the best.

The deals could be on anything and everything: restaurants, brunches, beauty salons, spas, water sports, events, travels, shopping and much more.

Register now for free, it only takes 2 minutes.

You only need to pay the price indicated on the website, there are no other charges, and you do not have to pay anything to the shop / restaurant / partner

How to order?

1) Order online and pay by credit card or debit card

2) Order Online and pay by cash. We will come to you and collect the money

3) Order by phone / email at 344 81 868 /

 Main Steps

  1. SELECT which great deals you wish to enjoy

Click on "view the deal" to see the full description, conditions, location of the deal you want to buy.

  2. BUY the deal you want to get

To buy, you have 2 options:

Option 1 - Pay by credit card or debit card

Buy online with your credit card or debit card. We accept Visa, Mastercard, Benefit, etc…

Option 2 - Cash on delivery

Ask for one of our *delivery agents to come and collect the money at your home or office and he will give you a receipt. 
*Our Delivery agents delivery fee is BD 1.5

After payment, you will receive a unique coupon number by SMS and email.

  3. ENJOY it’s yours ! Enjoy your great deal.

Present the coupon to the merchant and you will be able to enjoy the deal! Please note that some of our partners will require you to present your ID.



Send out the deal information to friends and relatives. If you want to make sure a deal will be validated/activated or if you just want to share and/or recommend a good offer to them. You can do so via either of the following: 



Use your voucher as a gift to friends or relatives: just send them the coupon number by Email or SMS. Be careful, the coupon number is unique and you should only share it with the person you wish to offer the deal to. Some deals cannot be offered as merchants may ask for your ID to make sure you are the owner of the deal. Check in advance to see which offers are transferable.


«Do you have any ideas for future deals you want to see on Together? Just drop an email with your request.


Further Queries? Please view our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ).

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