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The fastest reader in the world reads at a rate of 46,482 words per minute. In comparison, an average person reads at a speed of 150-200 words per minute. Through systematic training sessions, everyone is able to increase the pace of reading four or five times! How fast can you read?

Speedread123 is an interactive e-course rich in multimedia which develop the skill of speed reading. Thanks to numerous exercises with gamification elements, you will expand  the visual field and improve your photographic memory.

Contrary to the popular belief, the faster you read, the more you understand. Strange? Not at all! Faster reading speed increases concentration, so that you focus only on the text and its meaning. The eye looks, but the brain reads. Speeding up the visual memorization of information  allows to increase the number of read books and articles a few times, so that you will  have better orientation in the surrounding reality, and, above all, you will save time.

To make learning pleasant, we offer you a ready, professional e-learning tool Speedread123 thanks to which you will:

  • find out what exactly reading and anticipation is,
  • learn the reading tactics which make choosing a book and quickly finding vital information easier,
  • take part in reading trainings, individually regulating the speed of text scrolling,
  • start to read whole groups of words, thanks to Schultz tables,
  • learn to quickly recognize and memorize words,
  • participate in a 3-part warm-up before each exercise,
  • receive a summary in the form of a mind map after every finished chapter,
  • verify the gained knowledge in a test - photo lesson,
  • at the end of the course you will be awarded with a certificate.

Don’t worry! Our mind is brilliant. You will quickly master new material and discover the secrets of speed reading.

The Speedread123 course is divided into 10 parts and each consists of 10 lessons. To simplify learning they all have been organized in the following order: lecture in the form of a video, educational game, a warm-up, exercises to practice anticipation,  visual field and memory, reading training, a summary and a photo lesson.

Monitor your progress and noticeably increase the reading speed with the Speedread123 course!


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